What is Healthcare branding?

What is Healthcare branding?

See how Meditwitt drives healthcare brand loyalty.

Read on to understand the role of a brand in elevating patient experience and enabling long-term growth.

Healthcare branding is the development of an identity for your healthcare organization that helps to shape perception by current and prospective patients in the wider world.

Healthcare branding involves creating posters, logos, taglines, or specific brand messaging or ads. It’s about creating a meaningful connection between your mission, vision, and values of the people you serve – from patients and their families to local and global communities.

Why is healthcare branding so important?

Creating brand identity through your marketing strategy and differentiated patient interactions is vital to patient loyalty and satisfaction for healthcare organizations.

Unlike other sectors, the element of trust inherent to the healthcare provider-patient relationship can be easily damaged or entirely broken by negative experiences leading to a negative perception of your brand.

Various surveys said a negative experience damaged their trust in their healthcare providers. Later on, after such an experience, nothing could convince them to return to that same provider. It’s not only the provider that suffers; most patients avoid care options because they do not like how a provider treats them.

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The strategic value of building healthcare brands

The consumers targeted by healthcare brands require many of the same things they’ve come to expect from organizations in other areas of their life.

Convenience, easy access, and affordability are all considerations – but they alone are not enough. Quality of care and building a trusting relationship are key. Healthcare isn’t transactional; you need to develop trust and show you care.

This strategy goes hand-in-hand with delivering on the brand promise in actual patient experiences and how your brand appears in the community.

Reacting swiftly to problems with your brand perception – which can happen to even the most established healthcare brands – is key for ensuring your success isn’t affected by a tarnished reputation. More than that, a brand strategy can help stimulate new patient acquisition and expand market share by encouraging patients to switch to your location, provider, or service.

What are the benefits of developing a strong healthcare brand?

The main benefits of developing a strong healthcare brand are:

  • Capturing greater market share: The opportunity to expand your reach relies on having brand recognition and a great brand reputation.
  • Accelerating new patient acquisition through online ratings: Roughly 80% of prospective patients use online reviews when choosing a new healthcare provider, and almost 75% will choose one physician over another because of negative feedback. When you maintain a healthcare brand that truly resonates with consumers, patients are more likely to promote your organization via reviews, social media mentions, and more with effective brand marketing efforts.
  • Increasing loyalty: Your patients are looking for a healthcare organization they perceive to be empathetic. With healthcare marketing and patient experience targeted towards delivering on this promise, your brand will create moments that matter and resonate with those you serve.
  • Changing to patient needs and emerging market opportunities: By listening and analyzing what people expect from your brand, wherever they’re saying it – from the waiting room to the web and everywhere in between – you can pinpoint patient needs and identify emerging opportunities.
  • Improve patient experience: Understanding patient intent and emotion across every touchpoint and delivering brand experiences that reflect deep understanding can greatly improve brand perception, loyalty, and customer value.

Measure your healthcare brand’s impact

Once you’ve created or honed your healthcare branding approach and executed it, you’ll need to measure your influence on your audience and the wider market. Even if you’re an established brand, getting feedback from your patients and prospective patients is vital for providing a memorable experience that enables empathy (and trust) at scale.

It’s advisable to:

  • Track your brand: How is your brand performing within the wider healthcare landscape?
  • Request feedback across the patient journey: Evaluate how your brand is perceived and experienced throughout the patient’s interactions.
  • Measure your patient loyalty: How loyal are your patients? What can you do to improve? What makes patients turn to your brand for multiple care options? What drives them to rave about you on reviews or leave negative commentary?
  • Build patient loyalty with brilliant experiences: Based on your feedback, adjust your brand’s experiences to encourage your patients to return for more.
  • Interact with your detractors and promoters: How you respond to reviews, social media comments, and more can transform a negative experience with your brand into a positive one.
  • Utilize a platform that automates your insights: Rather than working across multiple platforms to conduct surveys, manage marketing, track brand perception, and more, choose a system that can accommodate all your needs.

Your healthcare branding touches upon all aspects of the patient experience. You can put people first by utilizing brand strategy as a means of being reactive to and proactive for customer and market needs.

Meditwitt has wide-ranging insights and forms a system of action. Capturing feedback across owned and third-party platforms, analyzing data, and initiating the next steps helps improve brand perception, ratings, and patient trust. This solution moves beyond reactive brand perception management to provide predictive intelligence across the healthcare experience.

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