9 Ways To Improve Healthcare Marketing Strategy

9 Ways To Improve Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Healthcare marketing strategy is an inbound marketing process where we offer all the resources that could carry against various opportunities and threats of a highly competitive healthcare business.

Importance of Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare marketing allows doctors, hospitals and medical practice to stay in front of existing patients to reach possible patients and educate new patients. Healthcare Industry is ever-changing and patient education and information are in focus. The Healthcare world is competitive and as competition grows large hospitals come into the mix and it becomes difficult to stand out and promote the medical services.

9 Ways To Improve Healthcare Marketing Strategy

9 ways to improve healthcare marketing strategy:-

  1. Know your audience.
  2. Pay Attention to SEO in Content.
  3. Answer the healthcare questions that your audience cares.
  4. Advantage of Social Media to connect with patients.
  5. Help readers discover your solutions automatically.
  6. Keep it simple.
  7. Be Authoritative but honest
  8. Use a human touch
  9. Have a regular Content release schedule.
  1. Know your audience:
    First and the most important step in healthcare is to know your audience. In order to attract more patients, you need to know the target audience. Know the particular demographics of the region where your practice is located. Looking at the records of existing patients will help you to decide your target audience. Analyzing this type of data will help you know your target audience.
  2. Pay Attention to SEO in Content:
    Ranking on search engines takes hard work. It also means building SEO making use of good keywords and high-quality content. The effort you put in Search Engine Optimization is worth it. The top three-page one results on Google get around 40% of total CTR (Click through rate) for the search term.
  3. Answer the healthcare questions that your audience cares:
    Two-thirds of people looking for content about a health problem search for information.
    75% of women, caretakers turn to internet for help. Writing rich content about these keywords will help you rank in the search engines and it also increases page ranks which is a win-win situation for click through rates.
  4. Advantage of Social Media to connect with patients:
    Social media allows us to reach people locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally. Social media always support to patients. By communicating with patients online, hospitals and physicians can establish the foundation for a positive relationship. Four out of five individuals in the 30–49 age bracket have a social media account. Building a relationship of trust is very important for healthcare.
  5. Help readers discover your solutions automatically:
    Patients need to feel that you care about them, not their money. At the same time, successful healthcare content marketing means that readers should be motivated to learn more about services or to schedule an appointment. One of the ways to drive engagement is to direct people through links. Each part should at least have two or three links connected to the service page.
  6. Keep it simple:
    Modern consumers value independence. They want healthcare professionals to play the role of advisor, not someone who orders them to do everything. Applying this can make a huge difference which attracts the readers. Plus Google likes simple answers. Adding a clear explanation with a few bullet points is a great way to get the post featured in a Google snippet on the first page of search results.
  7. Be Authoritative but honest:
    Readers expect content to be specific. This is true especially when it comes to medical topics. Blogs need to be written in a way that makes site visitors say, “This is something I can trust.” A common mistake some websites make when dealing with health topics is overpromising. To make sure your visitors — and Google — hold your content in high esteem, be honest even when you’re focusing on positives.
  8. Use a human touch:
    Speak directly to your patients. They should feel they’re talking to an expert who cares about them. Showing patients that you understand that you understand them is an important part of increasing customer loyalty and conversion rates.
  9. Have a regular Content release schedule:
    To gain new patients and loyal customers for a longer period of time a solid content release schedule is important. Without new posts readers may lose interest in your page and Google may feature competitor's content instead of our content.

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